2019 - New Year

So I've been thinking of starting blog pages for my photography and with this new year I'm going to give it a try. Not sure how often I'll do this or if anyone will even look at them but it's worth a try.

Below are some thoughts I have on how I approach my photography and a couple images I've done.

I approach my photography and art in a simple way. I like to capture life as it is. I do pose people on occasion but mostly guide them into a position then let them interact with their surrounds and see where it takes us. 

I like to see the natural feeling someone has with whats around them and to capture the genuine reaction. With this I try to keep the look as natural as possible. While many like the stylize look of modern editing to images I'm a fan of the bright colorful look from the days of slide film. 

I've said before I'd rather spend 3 hours looking through a camera lens then to spend 3 hours looking at a computer monitor. The punchy blue sky or deep green grass, these are the beauty I see in the world.

Untitled photo

Rustic Acres; Volant, PA ©2018

I use to not be a fan of shooting wedding. It was way stressful and there is a lot on the line. A mistake can ruin the pictures that are treasured for a life time. But after many years of second shooting and getting a feel for the flow and the way the days work I became more confident and now going into each one with an excitement to see the unique character that the bride and groom bring to this special day. 

Everyone is different and  every wedding is different. One day might be full of music and dancing and another might be more intimate in the backyard with close family and friends. These special little things make the day all that more special. And seeing those little touches and exploring who brought that to the day is part of the fun for me. Maybe the groom really likes yellow daisies. And the bride and bridesmaids smoke a cigar during the reception.

After over 24 years of being a professional photographer I still get excited going into any shoot. Being a wedding or high school football game. The anticipation of what is to come is what keeps me hooked in this world that is ever expanding with new and creative talent out there.

Untitled photo

Morose and Macabre Atrocity Exhibition; Rex Theatre; Pittsburgh, PA ©2017

I hope this gives you a little insight into me and how I see my photography. If you want to chat some, talk shop or see if I can capture your special event just reach out.


Untitled photo

The Fez; Aliquippa, PA ©2016

Untitled photo

Studio; Orlando, FL © 2005

Untitled photo

West End-Elliott Overlook; Pittsburgh, PA ©2018

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